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Seismic design changes - 2012 IBC

DesignMaps Application and 2008 Design Data USGS has released an updated DesignMaps application which is a great application.  However, before you start applying it to 2009 International Building Code please make sure to read their FAQ page which states: This application should currently only be used to investigate which design values will likely be mandated in the future. This recommendation by USGS is based on the hierarchy of the codes and standards, which is as follows: 2003 IBC 2006 IBC 2009 IBC 2012 IBC ASCE7-02 ASCE7-05 ASCE7-05 ASCE7-10 USGS 2002 USGS 2002 USGS 2002 USGS 2008 The  DesignMaps application  utilizes information from the 2008 USGS National Seismic Hazard Maps information.   For 2008 the hazard values in the Central and Eastern U.S. have been reduced by 10-25% in many cases, and most 1-second period ground motion values for the Western U.S. have also been reduced, in some cases by as much as 30%. Example differences between 20