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Fire Pump Sizing App

We are pleased to offer a  NFPA 20 fire pump sizing app  to our clients.  This app allows you to quickly look up the minimum required suction, discharge, test header, number of hose valves, and relief valve size.  These are the recommended sizes and we recommend a quick phone call to discuss your project specific conditions.

Seismic Design For Fire Sprinkler Systems

How do you know when seismic bracing is required for fire sprinkler piping?  Lets walk through the general procedure to determine if bracing is required.  ( Hint - You can just go to our Seismic Calculator App and have much of the look up work done for you. ) STEP ONE - APPLICABLE STANDARDS AND CODES Assuming that you are working in a jurisdiction that has adopted the International Building Code (IBC), you would start with section 1613.1 which states: 1613.1 Scope. Every structure, and portion thereof, including nonstructural components that are permanently attached to structures and their supports and attachments , shall be designed and constructed to resist the effects of earthquake motions in accordance with ASCE 7, excluding Chapter 14 and Appendix l1A. T he seismic design category for a structure is permitted to be determined in accordance with Section 1613 or ASCE 7.  Furthermore the International Mechanical Code (IMC) section 301.15 states: 301.15 Seismic resist