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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tyco-Fire Residential Dry Systems

Tyco just came out with a RCP-1 Residential Control Panel.  Have to admit they have perfect timing with the new limitation issues for antifreeze system.

Key items (in my opinion) from the data sheet:

  1. Listed for use with CPVC piping!
  2. Still a dry system and must be pitched.
  3. 1-inch size has a list price of $3,900.00
  4. 1½-inch size has a list price of $4,500.00
  5. Cabinet is self contained with built-in air compressor maintaining 14 PSI
  6. Page 3 “Water delivery to the most remote single sprinkler for a residential hazard shall not exceed 15 seconds. The use of the TYCO SprinkFDT Fluid Delivery calculation program is recommended to assure a properly operating system can be achieved prior to constructing the actual installation.” … “As an alternative to using a Listed water delivery calculation program and method as referenced in NFPA 13D, Section, an inspector’s test connection providing a flow equivalent to the smallest orifice sprinkler may be utilized, wherein the test orifice is located on the end of the pipe supplying the most remote sprinkler.”