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Hile Piled Storage Warehouses

Are you an owner looking to build a warehouse? Better plan for a fire sprinkler system if you are going to store combustible materials greater than 12-feet in height. Per Chapter 23 of the International Fire Code “High Piled Storage” is defined in IFC 2302 as: “Storage of combustible materials in closely packed piles or combustible materials on pallets, in racks or on shelves where the top of storage is greater than 12 feet (3658 mm) in height.” When required by the fire code official, high-piled combustible storage also includes certain high-hazard commodities, such as rubber tires, Group A plastics, flammable liquids, idle pallets and similar commodities, where the top of storage is greater than 6 feet (1829 mm) in height. Minimum Submittal Requirements At minimum the design professional's permit submittal must include the following per IFC 105.6: Floor plan of the building showing locations and dimensions of high-piled storage areas. Usable storage height for each sto