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Diesel Fuel Tank Size for Fire Pumps

Guidance for the sizing diesel fuel tanks is quite straight forward due to the prescriptive requirements of the code.  Just take your engine HP x 1.10 and the result in gallons is the minimum required diesel fuel storage tank size.  The exact code reference from NFPA 20 (2010 edition) is provided below: 11.4.2* Fuel Supply Tank and Capacity.* Fuel supply tank(s) shall have a capacity at least equal to 1 gal per hp (5.07 L per kW), plus 5 percent volume for expansion and 5 percent volume for sump. A.11.4.2 The quantity 1 gal per hp (5.07 L per kW) is equivalent to 1 pint per hp (0.634 L per kW) per hour for 8 hours. Where prompt replenishment of fuel supply is unlikely, a reserve supply should be provided along with facilities for transfer to the main tanks. How the committee arrived at these simplified guidelines is as follows.  First, lets look at the conditions for when we expect the fire pump to run: Quarterly Refilling of the Fuel Tank (approx 12-weeks) A weekly t